Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Exposes Hunter Biden’s “Scam”

( Larry Kudlow of Fox News Radio hit out at Hunter Biden on Tuesday, slamming the son of the president for scamming people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars for selling “crap” paintings.

He doesn’t hold back!

The “Kudlow” host, speaking to Guy Benson, said that Hunter Bidens so-called “artwork,” which is set to appear in galleries in Los Angeles and New York and are expected to fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at a private auction, demeans the arts. He compared the artwork to the work done by his wife, Judith Pond, who paints natural realism.

“This is not true art,” he said, “This is crap.”

It’s not even good abstract art, either, he said – describing the work of the First Son as “fraudulent art.” Kudlow told Benson that Hunter Biden was pushing a “scam” with fake art, and just making more money off the back of his father’s fame.

Hunter Biden’s artwork is being marketed by New York City art exhibitor Georges Berges, and when the pieces go to auction, the purchasers’ identities will be kept secret. It means that nobody really knows who is making big purchases to the Biden family.

Doesn’t this sound a little like an anonymous pay-for-play scheme?

If the identities of those who pay hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars for these artworks are never revealed, then how will we ever know that these purchases didn’t translate into favors from President Joe Biden?

After all, we know that President Biden is the “big guy” involved in Hunter Biden’s business deals…

Kudlow also noted how President Barack Obama’s former ethics chief said that there was something wrong with what Hunter Biden is doing.

Benson also chimed in and said that if Hunter Biden’s name was “Hunter Smith,” then he’d be lucky to get 50 dollars for a piece that is expected to take $500,000 from a confidential buyer.

Is this the most corrupt family to ever enter the White House?