Fox News Ratings Crash

(TheLibertyRevolution)- Well here’s some news you’re probably not very surprised by. It turns out that after disrespecting President Donald Trump and his supporters, in the presidential debates and during the coverage of the election results, Fox News is experiencing a ratings crash.

The president’s supporters are turning away from the network in so large a number that Fox is now trailing MSNBC and CNN, two ultra-left “news” networks, for the first time in 20 years.

Fox News has spent years at the top and is now crashing to the bottom according to the latest ratings data. CNN, the most ardent anti-Trump network on the air, is now at the top of the nation’s cable networks taking in 2.8 million viewers per day in the week January 4-10. The network saw 4.2 million viewers during prime time.

In the same week, MSNBC had 2.3 million viewers and 3.8 million in prime time.

For Fox News, however, the numbers were…bleak. The once-king of the news networks saw 1.7 million viewers each day and 3.2 million viewers during primetime.

And while the data shows Fox struggling to stay on top, it also doesn’t show Fox viewers tuning out of the news completely. They’re migrating to new channels.

Yahoo Finance reported how smaller conservative-friendly news networks were picking up steam in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, with Newsmax seeing its ratings increase to 294,000 on average per day and 443,000 in primetime over the same week.

Reuters also reports how CNN has in many ways taken over Fox News since the election, with the conservative-friendly network’s only saving graces being Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” pulled in 4 million viewers on average while “Hannity” took in 3.7 million. Both news presenters have defended President Donald Trump and his efforts to ensure election integrity, showing just how damaging Fox’s betrayal of the Trump base has been.

Fox announced on Monday that an extra hour of opinion programming will be added at 7 p.m., in what looks to be an attempt at clawing back viewers.

Meanwhile, CNN faces difficult choices on how to move forward in a country dominated by the Democrats. After making a name for itself attacking President Donald Trump at every term, the network now needs to find a new enemy.

Perhaps the new enemy will simply be the American people…