Fox News Says Illegals Should Be Bussed To Obama’s Home

( Over the weekend, the hosts of Fox & Friends suggested Texas take the illegal aliens released in the state by the Biden administration and ship them to Barack Obama’s home in Martha’s Vineyard.

Fox & Friends invited Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick to the program to discuss his state’s ongoing battle with the Biden administration over the flood of illegal aliens pouring over the border.

Patrick, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis before him, suggested that illegals be transported to Washington DC and Biden’s home state of Delaware.

After the segment with Dan Patrick, co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy asked for the name of Barack Obama’s town. Co-host Will Cain reminded Duffy that Obama is living on Martha’s Vineyard, prompting Duffy to suggest that illegals should be dropped off there.

This joking exchange upset the left-leaning website Mediaite, which posted the clip in a fit of pique.

Last Wednesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced he was ordering the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) to begin taking the illegal aliens released from federal custody into Texas and transporting them to Washington DC and other areas outside of the state.

Over the weekend, TDEM dispatched buses to border communities where it coordinated with officials to identify these illegals. The agency said each bus, which can carry up to 40 illegal immigrants and necessary supplies, will head to Washington DC.

On Monday, TDEM told Fox News that many of the communities that had initially reached out for support now say the federal government has stopped dropping illegals in their towns after Governor Abbott’s April 6 announcement.

Meanwhile, Governor Abbott met in El Paso with the Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition on Monday to discuss the state’s ongoing security efforts in the face of the Biden administration’s open borders policy. Abbott said in a statement that Texans “demand and deserve an aggressive, comprehensive strategy to secure our borders.”