Fox News Star Breaks Ranks On Network To Talk About Arizona Audit

( The people who run Fox News might be afraid about admitting the reality of fraud and misconduct in last year’s presidential election, but that isn’t stopping popular anchor Jesse Waters from breaking ranks and talking about the recent forensic audit in Arizona.

During a recent segment on his show, waters talked about the crisis at the United States southern border, the corruption within the FBI, and even the business deals being made by Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. He talked about how the FBI was exposed for “odious corruption” and that a report found how the FBI “lied and tricked the FISA Court for years into getting warrants to spy on American citizens,” adding that the bureau was guilty of faking and hiding evidence while abusing our privacy.

He talked about how James Comey “signed off on all of it” and that he is the “most corrupt FBI chief since Hoover.”

“They’re throwing it in our faces now,” he added, accusing President Joe Biden of lying about his family being in business with communists.

He then went on to talk about the recent forensic audit in Arizona, which proved that tens of thousands of votes could have been cast illegally…not that the media wants to talk about that.

“In Arizona, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by 11,000 votes,” Watters said, before adding that the Maricopa County audit found that there were 57,000 “questionable” ballots in that county alone. He noted how the media wasn’t interested in talking about it and that the audit couldn’t be as accurate or as thorough as originally intended because some Arizona officials refused to cooperate.

He even noted how evidence was destroyed and removed.

You can see him talk about it here:

Do you think the Fox higher-ups will have something to say to Watters behind the scenes for admitting this?