Fox News Star Furious About What Happened In Afghanistan

( On last Tuesday’s episode of The Five, cohost Geraldo Rivera blasted the Biden administration for its “bungling” of the Afghan withdrawal, calling the administration “self-important Ivy asses” whose lack of understanding for geopolitics has led to the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan.

Rivera was mystified by what he called “the absolute utter incompetence,” saying that it was as if “they are all stoned and hiding.”

Like most of the criticism leveled at the Biden Administration this past week, Rivera couldn’t understand why the administration bugged out of the Bagram Air Base in early July.

To Rivera, leaving things in the hands of “preppy,” “self-important, Ivy asses” who were unconnected to reality is the reason there wasn’t an orderly withdrawal.

Watch the Five segment HERE.

Geraldo made those comments on Tuesday. And by Saturday – a week into the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul – the situation on the ground had only gotten worse.

Sky News global correspondent Stuart Ramsay reported that things turned deadly on Saturday when desperate, frustrated people attempting to flee the Taliban caused a stampede outside of the airport in Kabul.

As the stampede of people pushed toward the gates, those at the front were crushed to death. Paratroopers started pulling people from the crowd and medics attended to the wounded. Bodies draped in white sheets were seen on the ground.

According to the New York Times, a 2-year-old girl was trampled to death outside of the airport when the crowd surged toward the gates.

A NATO official said on Sunday that in the last week, at least twenty people have been killed in the mayhem at the Kabul airport, including those who dropped to their deaths on Monday while clinging to military planes taking off.

And yet President Biden assured ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that “no one’s being killed right now.”

Then again, President Biden also reassured Americans on Friday that “at this point” al Qaeda is gone from Afghanistan. But just the day before he said that, it was reported that the Taliban put an al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist on America’s most-wanted list in charge of security in Kabul.