Fox Reporter Asks Blankly: ‘Is The White House Weaponizing The DOJ And The FBI…’

( On Tuesday, Peter Doocy of Fox News questioned Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, about whether the Biden administration is “weaponizing” the Department of Justice (DOJ) against political rivals.

Following the FBI raid on the former president’s Mar-a-Lago residence, Doocy questioned Jean-Pierre as to whether the government saw former President Donald Trump as a “political adversary” of President Joe Biden. Doocy said she “talks about Trump all the time,” but the press secretary refuted this.

Doocy noted that the white house was attacking his handling of COVID last week, and they highlighted his reaction from January 6 “a couple of days ago.” In light of all of that, he only asked them whether they “consider the president—.”

Jean-Pierre cut off Doocy mid-sentence.

“I’m just saying from here, I’m not gonna comment on that,” Jean-Pierre said.

After quoting the president as saying, “I would be very lucky to have the same man running against me,” Doocy inquired about Biden’s confidence in his ability to defeat Trump if he were to be the nominee for president in 2024. Jean-Pierre opted not to respond.

The Fox News reporter then made another allusion to the charges.

“Is the Justice Department and FBI being used as weapons by the White House against political rivals?” Doocy enquired.

Since before he was elected, the president had been extremely clear, according to Jean-Pierre. The president has made his support for the rule of law and the independence of the Department of Justice very plain during his time in office.

“Yes or no?” pressed Doocy.
She said he might not like it, but she’s answering the question. She said that they’re not going to comment on a criminal investigation.

She said Biden has been very clear. She laid out what his thoughts were back on January 7, 2021, about how he saw the Department of Justice.

“And I’m just going to leave it there, “ she said.

It was eventually established that the search warrant was related to the 15 boxes of White House records relocated to Trump’s Florida property, which he stated had been searched by FBI investigators on Monday evening. According to reports, some of the materials were top secret.

The previous president, legislators, and certain media people on both sides of the political spectrum denounced the raid as a political gimmick. Many said that looking for papers did not warrant the raid on a private residence. Former Democratic governor of New York Andrew Cuomo stated that unless the DOJ could explain why his home was raided, the event would be seen as a “political strategy.”

According to CNN legal analysts Andrew McCabe and Paul Callan, looking for the papers “does not necessitate” a raid and there may be “more to this than meets the eye” in the probe.

A small number of Trump detractors approved of the raid and even objected to the term “raid” as a valid search warrant had been carried out. Many have argued that it was a legitimate “search” and that no one is above the law.