Fox Star Says Dr. Fauci Is “Drunk” On Power

( On Monday, Fox & Friends co-host, Will Cain called for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be fired, suggesting that the diminutive lifetime bureaucrat is power drunk.

While discussing Fauci’s remarks on vaccine mandates for air travel during his appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, the Fox & Friends panel went through the list of terribles from Fauci’s time as the government’s chief COVID dictator.

Co-host Lawrence Jones pointed out that Fauci said the quiet part out loud when he admitted on “This Week” that the purpose of requiring airlines to mandate vaccines for domestic air travel is to boost vaccination rates. Jones added that the objective isn’t about science, but control.

Cain then said Fauci needed to be fired. Calling him power-drunk and out of control, Cain suggested reporters with access to Fauci should ask him if there is a limit to his power. He wanted to know if there was a point when Fauci would say, “No, that’s too much. We would never do that.”

Cain went on to suggest that there is no such point. No matter how far you push, Fauci will always say we have to see what the data says. But, Cain continued, Fauci doesn’t look at the data when the data doesn’t support his “power-drunk perspective.”

Fauci, Cain argued, does not have the kind of authority he thinks he has.

Well, over at that Leftist media website Mediaite, writer Colby Hall was so outraged by Will Cain suggesting Fauci be fired, he launched into a breathless diatribe about how important Anthony Fauci is and who is Will Cain compared to the accomplished, brilliant, important Fauci.

Hall presents Fauci’s entire CV as proof that Will Cain isn’t worthy enough to polish his shoes.

Colby Hall’s “well-I-never!” screed is so hilarious, you really should read it. It encapsulates exactly how the media has treated Anthony Fauci throughout this pandemic.

They want to be ruled by “experts” who know better than the rest of us dummies.

This is why Tony Fauci has the amount of power he has. It was ceded to him – by the media, by the press, and by elected officials.