Fox Star Says Insiders Have Told Her White House Sees Putin as a ‘Partner,’ Not an ‘Enemy’

( While appearing on Fox & Friends on Sunday, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo said she spoke with some people who told her that on many issues, the Biden administration doesn’t see Russian President Vladimir Putin as an enemy but as a partner.

Naturally, the leftists in corporate media and the blue-check cranks on Twitter were aghast at Bartiromo’s comments.

How dare she claim the Biden administration sees Putin as a “partner,” they squawked in outrage.

But within days, Bartiromo’s comments were looking pretty spot-on.

While the Biden administration boasts about crushing Russia’s economy with their endless sanctions, it is simultaneously letting Russia take the lead in the negotiations with Tehran on restarting the 2015 nuclear deal.

And get this, as part of that arrangement, the White House is making sure their sanctions on Russia don’t apply to anything related to the Iran deal.

The Washington Free Beacon reported on Wednesday that, as part of the deal with Iran, the Biden administration will waive sanctions on Rosatom, Russia’s top state-controlled energy company, so it can keep its $10 billion contract to construct Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant.

Both Russia and the White House confirmed on Tuesday that the new nuclear deal with include carveouts waiving sanctions on both Iran and Russia so Rosatom can fulfill its contract at Bushehr.

The Free Beacon also reported this week that US lawmakers are warning that Russia is using the Iran deal negotiations as a “sanctions evasion hub.” And the Biden administration is going along with it.

A State Department spokesman confirmed to the Free Beacon that the Biden administration will continue to “engage with Russia” to restart the nuclear deal. The spokesman also confirmed that the administration is taking steps to make sure the sanctions placed on Russia over Ukraine “do not apply to the implementation of the JCPOA nuclear-related projects.”

This administration is so desperate to sign onto whatever deal it can get with Iran that it is partnering with Russia to do it.

Will the blue-checks on Twitter who feigned outrage over Bartiromo’s remarks take any time to look into this story?

Probably not.

Because it proves Bartiromo was right.