France’s Macron Gets BOoed And Given “The Finger” As His Popularity Drops


Parisians made their opinions known about the globalist poster kid failing to get anything done in the French Parliament under his recently castrated minority administration.

A video shows Macron standing in a parade truck flanked by police and waving to the audience, even though many people in the throng are not particularly happy to see him.

The sentiment seems to lack any sort of empathy at all as a crowd of parade onlookers saluted the French president with a plethora of middle fingers. And they weren’t saying he was #1.

Macron was re-elected just one month ago; nevertheless, the results of this election.

The populist Marine Le Pen and her party, National Rally, managed to increase their parliamentary seats from 8 to an astounding 88.

Macron’s attempt to entrench France’s vaccination passport system into law was unsuccessful, and he was publicly humiliated.

Macron has also recently stated that public street lights would be switched off at night to preserve energy. This is in response to the Ukraine situation and the possibility of a complete shutdown of Russian gas.

The very odd recent election has resulted in the humiliation of Macron, and this might very well turn out to be the beginning of a slow-motion catastrophe for France.

After the results of the second round of voting for the National Assembly were announced, the centrist coalition led by Macron, known as Ensemble, remains 44 seats shy of a majority needed to govern effectively. As a result, a newly elected president in France does not have an outright majority for the first time since the current form of French governance was established 64 years ago.

Even though they were short of a majority by only 14 seats, President Francois Mitterrand and three prime ministers could govern France without a majority for five years, from 1988 to 1993. The laws at the time made it possible for a government to railroad legislation through parliament without a vote on each individual line. Since then, a significant amount of additional restrictions have been added.