France’s President Starts Changing Election Rules

( After the Democrats reaped the benefits of mass mail-in voting and last-minute changes to election rules in last year’s presidential election, it looks as though France’s left-wing president and left-wing politicians are all set to benefit from some rule changes of their own.

A report by Alister Riviere in The National Pulse reveals how the French Interior Ministry, which is responsible for organizing the nation’s elections, announced the official dates for the 2022 presidential election – and for the first time since 1974, the election runoff won’t take place in early May.

The government instead chance to bring the data to April 10 for the first round of presidential elections, and the second and final round of elections to April 24th.

For those unfamiliar, the French election is held in stages. The two top-performing candidates go head to head in the second round of elections held roughly two weeks from the first round. And this time, the elections are taking place sooner because it conflicts with some national public holidays.

The reason this is important, Riviere says, is that French families usually align their vacations with the public school holidays, and employers typically require employees to take vacations during this time to manage their workflow better.

This means that during the vacation season, certain parts of France see an outflow of residence owing to the staggered school holiday dates.

As a result, if a vote takes place during these holidays, then turnout is lower as many people will be on vacation at the time. There is also no early voting option in France.

So instead of holding the elections in May when people are at work and there is no chance of a lower turnout, France is this time making it difficult for everybody to vote. Many people may be faced with the choice of having a summer vacation and voting.

How this will pan out, however, is anyone’s guess.