Fraud Alert? Democrats Are DESPERATE To Vote By Mail | The News & Why It Matters

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The U.S. Postal Service is launching an investigation after absentee ballots were found along a road in the state of Wisconsin. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton also announced that law enforcement arrested individuals for alleged involvement in illegal ballot harvesting. Why are the Democrats trying so hard to make people vote by mail? Is the Biden campaign afraid of President Trump and the silent majority? Charles Barkley stands against the movement to defund the police and his argument is very logical, but the BLM movement is not happy with his comments. Barkley also comes out against the narrative around the Breonna Taylor case, and people are not happy about this either. President Trump signs “Born Alive” executive order to protect babies. Is this latest move by executive order a good thing? The debates are coming between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Who do you think will win the first debate?