Gallup Poll Finds That Whopping 31% Of Americans Say Immigration Is Out Of Control

( A Gallup poll just revealed that one-third of the country believe that immigration into the United States should be increased, while 31% say that it should be reduced. The new poll of Americans shows just how divided the country is on such a key issue, and one that got former President Donald Trump elected in 2016.

The poll found that support for increasing immigration is growing slightly in the United States and that a larger percentage of Hispanics support increased immigration out of all other ethnic groups of Americans.

That could explain why the Democrats are so keen to allow more illegal aliens into the country. The more Hispanic Americans are allowed to enter the United States illegally, the more people can be granted amnesty – and the more people granted amnesty, the more people are likely to vote Democrat in future elections.

A constant flow of illegal aliens or legal immigrants into the United States benefits the Democrats, and could ultimately see the Democrats maintain permanent rule over the United States. Combined with scrapping the Senate filibuster, the Democrats could implement any new laws they want and transform America into a socialist utopia.

The Biden administration has overseen the biggest influx of illegal aliens into the United States in modern history, with more than 180,000 being apprehended by border agents last month alone.

The new poll showed a massive 42% of Hispanic favoring an increase in immigration. 32% of Hispanic Black Americans supported an immigration increase and 30% of non-Hispanic White Americans supported an increase.

It indicates that the United States is firmly divided on the issue, and if former President Donald Trump once again runs on limiting immigration into the United States, Democrats could get even more unhinged about it.