George W. Bush Slammed For Joining In On Afghanistan Statement

( Unpopular former President George W. Bush got slammed online recently after issuing a statement on the crisis in Afghanistan, and absolutely nobody is surprised by it.

How can the man who started the nation’s longest-running war have anything to say about how it was handled? Sure, Biden failed in his withdrawal and abandoned millions of dollars of military equipment that are now in the hands of the Taliban, but George Bush started this whole mess to begin with.

In response to disturbing footage of Afghan citizens falling from the outsides of planes, and being attacked and even killed by the insurgent Taliban, former President Bush posted a statement on behalf of himself and his wife, former First Lady Laura Bush.

“Our hearts are heavy for both the Afghan people who have suffered so much and for the Americans and NATO allies who have sacrificed so much,” he said.

Where was that compassion when he sent thousands of American troops off to die in a war that everybody knew would never end?

He added that he and Laura are “confident” that the evacuation efforts will be effective as they are being carried out by “remarkable” people in the United States military – but the claim flies in the face of what President Joe Biden and White House Press Secretary confirmed this week…namely that the safety of American citizens stuck in Afghanistan cannot be guaranteed.

Bush added that “one cannot kill whispers in the wind” and that the Taliban “cannot crush a dream,” but it looks like the Taliban has done a pretty good job of crushing any dream of a free or democratic Afghanistan so far.

What planet is this man on?

You can read the full statement here.