George W. Bush To Meet With Zelensky

( Former President George W. Bush and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will hold a virtual conversation on Friday urging House Republicans to continue to fund the bloody War against Russia in Ukraine.

According to reports, the US has sent more than $54 billion to Ukraine.
President Biden announced another $400 million to Ukraine this week.

President Joe  Biden’s son Hunter is infamous for his pay-for-play position with Burisma energy in Ukraine, making $50,000 a month for access to “the big guy.”

The Big Guy is President Joe Biden, for those who arrived late.

Reports show former President George W. Bush and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will hold a public conversation in Dallas amid questions from House Republicans about the importance of continuing to send money and aid to Ukraine for its fight against Russia.

David Kramer, the managing director for global policy at the George W. Bush Institute, stated that Ukraine is the frontline in the struggle for freedom and democracy. It’s literally under attack as we speak, and it is vitally important that the United States provides military and other assistance to help Ukraine defend itself.

Zelenskyy, who Bush called the Winston Churchill of our time after they met in private earlier this year, will participate in Tuesday’s event virtually.

Ukraine’s government has continued to call for military and economic assistance as the war continues, with the U.S. already sending more than $18 billion in aid.

However, reports show House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, expected to become the next speaker of the House if the GOP retakes majority control of the chamber, has signaled that his party will likely oppose continued “blank checks” to Ukraine.

Kramer said continuing to provide support for Ukraine is in the best interests of the U.S. and called for party politics to be set aside to give Ukraine a chance of winning the war.

Or maybe Kramer can use common sense and urge the parties at war to meet instead of pouring taxpayer dollars into a fire.  The ‘Bushies’ have never met a war they didn’t like.