Geraldo Rivera Apologizes After Attacking Co-Star On Television

( Popular Fox News host and humorist Greg Gutfeld received a surprising apology from left-wing host Geraldo Rivera recently, after the pair got into what can only be described as a “screaming match” during a recent episode of The Five.

The two were fighting over the ongoing crisis at the United States-Mexico border. Gutfeld dared to challenge the Democratic narrative on illegal immigration and described how American cities are being dangerously impacted by illegal aliens coming over the border, and how Democratic politicians are “neglecting rising crime rates.”

He also mentioned how Democrats have ignored “rampant violent crime” that we saw from Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists that began last summer.

And as Gutfeld was laying down the facts, Rivera attempted to interrupt. Gutfeld told Rivera, “stop, Geraldo…let me finish, I let you talk for God knows how long.”

That’s true. Have you ever watched an episode of The Five? Rivera truly loves the sound of his own voice.

And after letting Gutfeld speak, Rivera responded, “I have to rebut what Greg said about Haitian immigrants and crime.”

Rivera suggested that he didn’t believe that Haitian immigrants would contribute to a rise in crime – which, frankly, they easily could – before Gutfeld told him that he’s got it all wrong.

“Jesus Christ, you are totally misreading this! I was talking about how the media covers the story!” he said.

The shouting match continued, with Rivera trying to accuse Gutfeld of promoting “stereotypes.” But later, Rivera appeared on camera and said, “I apologize Greg.”

Gutfeld might have been afraid of recognizing a pattern between illegal immigration and increases in crime, but the people who are victims of it aren’t.

A full transcript is available here.