Ghislaine Maxwell Mental Condition Revealed By Doctor

( While the jury continues to deliberate on the Ghislaine Maxwell case, a forensic psychologist who specializes in predatory behavior has spoken to the press has raised concerns about her mental condition.

Maxwell is the former partner of dead millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and stands accused of grooming and recruiting young women and children to engage in sexual activity with Epstein. She pleaded not guilty to all sex trafficking charges dating back to 1994, and during the case four accusers testified about her involvement in their abuse.

Maxwell’s lawyers have argued that she is being made into a scapegoat for the crimes now that Epstein is dead, having allegedly killed himself while on suicide watch in prison in 2019.

Dr. Darrell Turner, a forensic psychologist who has worked with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, told Newsweek that “grooming” can be defined as a form of behavior that an offender engages in to “gain access to potential victims, maintain access to those victims, and prevent those victims from disclosure.”

He broke down the definition of grooming – which is what Maxwell is accused of – into three elements. The first element is isolating a victim from their social system, which includes family and friends, in order to “enmesh” them into the social system of the offender instead. This new network includes the victim, other victims, other offenders, and anybody else who normalizes their sexual behavior.

The second element focuses on normalizing the idea of sex between children and adults, and the third element is the creeping of this new “normal” at a steady and gradual pace.

It all rings true with Maxwell, too – presuming the accusations are accurate. Maxwell is accused of grooming and recruiting young women and children, and some victims said that Maxwell would give them instructions and set up “appointments” for them to spend time with Epstein.

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We’ll report more on the results of the case as we hear them.