Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyers Say it Was Epstein Who Was “Mastermind” Behind Targeting Girls

( Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, is scheduled to be sentenced next week after being convicted for sex trafficking in late December.

And in a motion filed last Wednesday, Maxwell’s lawyers have requested that their client serve a far lighter sentence than federal sentencing guidelines suggest, arguing that it was Epstein, not Maxwell, who was the “mastermind” behind the crimes.

In their sentencing memorandum filed last week in Manhattan federal court, Maxwell’s lawyers argued that she should not be expected to “bear all the punishment” for the actions of the late Jeffrey Epstein.

Her lawyers note that Maxwell has already spent time in jail “under conditions far more onerous and punitive” than what is typical for those in pretrial detention.

They argued that Maxwell’s life has already been ruined and since Epstein’s death, she has faced death threats that continued after she was incarcerated. Maxwell’s lawyers claim that imposing the same sentence on Maxwell that would have been appropriate for Jeffrey Epstein “would be a travesty of justice.”

The probation department has recommended a 20-year sentence for Maxwell while the federal sentencing guidelines are between 292 to 365 months.

Maxwell’s attorneys are requesting for the judge to reduce her sentence to no more than 5-1/4 years in prison.

Prosecutors are expected to reject that request.

Ultimately, however, sentencing will be up to US Circuit Judge Alison Nathan, who presided over the trial.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers have long maintained that she is being used as a scapegoat since Jeffrey Epstein is no longer alive to face punishment for his crimes.

Maxwell has vowed that she will appeal her conviction.

In April, the judge in the case set aside two counts of guilt because the verdicts overlapped. Setting aside two guilty verdicts reduced Maxwell’s maximum possible sentence by ten years.

Maxwell was arrested nearly two years ago and has remained behind bars ever since.

The prosecution is expected to submit its own sentencing memorandum this week.