Google Bans Christian News Site From YouTube

( Seemingly emboldened by Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election, YouTube and other social media outlets recently began a new campaign to purge social media of conservative voices. On Saturday, the editor-in-chief of a pro-life news outlet revealed how YouTube removed their popular account that had gathered more than 314,000 subscribers.

John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews spoke to the Catholic News Agency about their account’s removal, describing how YouTube failed to offer a “specific reason for the deletion of the account.” He also described how there was no appeals process available to get the account back.

“Our best guess is that the channel was taken down for our frank and factual discussion of the controversy around abortion-tainted medicines and vaccines,” Westen said in the interview. “The origins of these vaccines and their association with abortion is acknowledged by the vast majority of scientists.”

Westen also said that the channel had previously received strikes from YouTube for sharing information about the COVID-19 lockdowns imposed for the most part by Democrat mayors and governors, as well as videos about how the vaccines use cells taken from aborted foetuses.

LifeSiteNews is not a new news outlet. It has been online since 1997, operating as a non-profit online news resource for people who oppose abortion.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson also picked up on the story, explaining on February 11 how the banning of the website was a part of “the most sweeping mass censorship campaign in the history of this country.”

Carlson pondered why Google might remove a pro-life news network from its YouTube video platform, arguing that it was likely a result of Google supporting abortion.

“Simple. Google supports abortion. A lot of big corporations do,” he said.

Founder of “ACT for America,” and conservative commentator Brigitte Gabriel also revealed the news on February 10, prompting a huge backlash from conservatives online.

One of the videos previously published by LifeSiteNews, and deleted by YouTube, featured Canadian Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a pathologist, calling COVID-19 @just another bad flu.”

Under Google’s new “misinformation” policy, any content that disagrees with guidance from health authorities about COVID, social distancing, and vaccines will be removed. Even news outlets are not allowed to report on the content.