GOP Congressman Faces Ethics Complaint About Secret Gifts To Male Staffer

( The president of a leftwing political action committee has filed an ethics complaint against the North Carolina Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn accusing him of improper loans and gifts to his aide, 23-year-old Stephen Smith.

Included in the PAC’s complaint is a cellphone video from Smith showing Cawthorn seated in a car with him, joking about sex. In the video, Cawthorn jokes about his desire “to see a naked body beneath my hands.” The two men laugh, then Smith reaches over to Cawthorn’s crotch.

Two guys joke about sex on a video and this PAC uses it as evidence in an ethics complaint?

Good grief.

In the complaint filed last Wednesday, the PAC alleges that Cawthorn failed to properly file financial disclosure forms on gifts and loans he gave to Smith, who works as Cawthorn’s scheduler.

Dan Wheeler, the president of American Muckrakers PAC which was founded to defeat Cawthorn, also claims that Smith is living with Cawthorn.

In addition to submitting the video, posted to Twitter by the leftwing account MeidasTouch, Wheeler also provided screenshots of records of payments between Cawthorn and Smith’s Venmo accounts. The screenshots show messages between the two from June 2018 to January 2019, before Cawthorn was elected to Congress.

Wheeler, who clearly lacks a sense of humor, seemed especially upset with the descriptions of what the payments were for – all of which were obvious jokes. Cawthorn included such descriptions as “the quickie in the airport” and “getting naked for me in Sweden” while Smith included “nudes” and “for loving me daily and nightly.”

Two guys in their twenties making jokes two full years before Cawthorn became a member of the House, and Dan Wheeler got his knickers in a twist.

Unsurprisingly, Cawthorn’s office called the complaint “ridiculous.” A spokesperson for the congressman said Stephen Smith is Cawthorn’s cousin, adding that Wheeler’s PAC “did no research” before filing the complaint.

Last week, Cawthorn was cited at Charlotte Douglas International Airport for being in possession of a firearm. TSA confirmed that a loaded 9mm handgun was detected in Cawthorn’s possession at a checkpoint Tuesday morning. The gun was seized and Cawthorn was released.