GOP Donors Demand Gavin Newsom Recall

( Millions of California residents have already signed a petition calling for a recall election of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, and new a number of prominent Republican donors have come out in support of the measure too.

According to a report from Politico, several heavyweight Republican donors who supported President Donald Trump are throwing their financial resources behind the campaign to recall Newsom. It comes as Newsom faces widespread criticism for his excessive lockdown rules that have forces hospitality businesses to remain closed for months.

The campaign to recall the governor has so far raised more than $3 million, according to the two groups championing the push. Politico said that most of the money was raised in the wake of a scandal in November when Newsom was caught attending a birthday party with a large group of people and not wearing a mask, despite telling residents to stay at home.

Beverly Hills real estate magnate Geoff Palmer is reportedly one of the big donors behind the push, having contributed more than $150,000 so far. Douglas Leona, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, has also reportedly spent some $100,000 on the campaign.

Caroline Wren, one of the top fundraisers from former President Donald Trump’s campaign, said that donors in California and across the rest of the country “are beginning to turn their focus to the California recall efforts.”

Should the effort be successful, it would be the first recalling of a governor in California since 2003, and it is proving increasingly tempting for Democrat challengers and Republicans alike to oust Newsom and force an election as soon as possible.

Bill White, another big Trump donor who gave $5 million to his 2020 campaign, told the press that he is encouraging donors in California to get involved and predicted that more donors would get involved with funding an election once the recall qualifies for the ballot.

“There’s definitely money going there, and if it meets that next threshold, you’re going to see a lot of support for a potential candidate,” he said.

With 1.4 million signatures ready, the campaign only needed another 95,709 more as of February 5.

It looks like this recall election is really about to happen. But can Newsom win? Polls indicate no.

A recent poll from the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies showed that only 46% of California voters approve the job Newsom is doing, opening him up to a Republican challenger.