GOP Governor Requests “Aggressive” Bans

( Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Kristi Noem has pushed other Republican governors to follow South Dakota’s lead and enact strict abortion restrictions.

The governor of South Dakota expressed her desire for other Republican states to “take action” of outlawing the surgery in all circumstances, barring situations in which the woman’s life is in danger.

Noem said that South Dakota’s extremely stringent abortion regulations are “leading the way” in safeguarding human life and urged other Republican governors, like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, to do the same.

After her spokesperson Ian Fury recently accused DeSantis of “hiding behind a 15-week ban” rather than advocating for stricter limits, Noem was questioned about the abortion legislation in other states following Roe v. Wade.

She said she prefers to take action and do things that genuinely safeguard life. She said many people talk and say many things to grab headlines and make sweeping comments.

“I’m proud of South Dakota and how aggressive we’ve been to make sure we’re preserving every precious life and continuing to lead by example,” the governor said.

DeSantis and other Republican governors should “do what they can to back up their pro-life record,” Noem continued.

The opinions of Noem and DeSantis regarding abortion may soon have a national impact. Both governors have long been mentioned as prospective GOP candidates for the 2024 presidential election, with Noem routinely being mentioned as a candidate for Donald Trump’s next running mate.

Abortion will undoubtedly be a hot-button issue for voters in both the GOP presidential primary and the subsequent general election.

In the midterm elections in November, where the GOP drastically underperformed, abortion was seen as one of the critical issues for voters. As a result, the party could only win a majority in the House and could not wrest back control of the Senate from the Democrats.

Noem has downplayed her desire to run for president, saying she now concentrates on assisting South Dakota.

However, Noem added, “I also think that this country needs someone to lead us that has a vision, appreciates the freedoms that this country offers to the people that live here, and wants to protect them and our constitutional rights forward. I think that leader will emerge as we go through the months and even the year and year and a half.”