GOP Is Cancelling Ad Buying In One Specific Battleground State

( On Monday, the New York Times claimed that the National Republican Senatorial Committee has cut advertising spending in the Senate races in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona – a claim the NRSC called “false.”

Times reporter Shane Goldmacher wrote that “two media-tracking sources” claimed the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) canceled over $5 million in scheduled advertising in Pennsylvania, another $2 million in Wisconsin, and around $2 million more in Arizona.

You can understand why the New York Times would excitedly report this claim.

What better way to create the narrative that Senate Republicans have ceded the Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wisconsin Senate races to the Democrats?

Narrative spin from Democrat-friendly outlets during the Midterms is pretty much par for the course. It’s one of the reasons so much of the polling in Senate races ends up being so bad.

The purpose is to embolden Democrat voters while dispiriting Republican voters.

In a statement on its website on Monday, the National Republican Senatorial Committee described the article in the New York Times as “inaccurate.”

In the statement, NRSC Communications Director Chris Harline explained that the NRSC began spending “earlier than ever before” to help Republican candidates “define the Democrats for their radical agenda.”

Hartline said the NRSC Independent Expenditure unit has spent over $19 million on advertising so far in this election cycle while an additional $17,092,315 in non-IE unit spending has been made. On top of that, the NRSC IE unit has reserved millions in additional advertising going forward.

Hartline told the New York Times that the NRSC hasn’t changed its commitment to winning “all of our target states.” He said they have been “creative in how we’re spending our money” and will continue to make sure the NRSC is spending “every dollar” “in the most efficient and effective way possible.”