GOP Traitor Mitt Romney Gets Shocking “Award” Despite Failures

( Republican Utah Senator Mitt Romney received an award this week for voting to impeach President Donald Trump over false accusations that he incited a violent insurrection.

Romney, who failed to win the presidency in 2012 and who has repeatedly smeared former President Trump, won the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award for being the only Republican Senator to push the false narrative established by the Democrats in the first and second impeachment trials.

On Friday, the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation announced that Romney would receive the award, describing his “courage.”


“During a time of grave threat to U.S. democratic institutions, Mitt Romney has been a consistent but often solitary Republican voice in defense of democracy,” a press conference from the organization claimed, without explaining how American democratic institutions were under threat during the Trump administration.

Romney is all set to receive the award from President Kennedy’s daughter during a ceremony that will take place in May. You can bet that CNN will have a field day with that.

Romney worked tirelessly during the 2016 Republican primaries to stop Trump from beating the other candidates and taking the nomination, claiming during a speech hosted by the Hinckley Institute that he is a “phoney” and a “fraud.”

The speech went down as a massive own-goal, ultimately failing to stop Trump from taking the Republican nomination.

Romney later attempted to take a position in Trump’s administration, attending an interview with the president before being rejected and humiliated.

Remember that photo?

As Romney receives a reward for voting to impeach a president whose election campaign was seriously impacted by well-documented cases of fraud and misconduct, Republicans across the country are pushing forward with new policy proposals that will make it harder for people to commit voter fraud.