Government Declares Mission Accomplished After Evacuation

The British appear to be doing a better job than President Biden at evacuating British citizens of war-torn Sudan.

Four hours behind schedule, the Royal Air Force evacuated eighteen hundred and eighty-eight British citizens from the Wadi Saeedna airport in Khartoum.

The British Foreign Office will provide consular support in the Port of Sudan to assist those trying to escape Sudan by ship to Saudi Arabia.

The list of personnel at the Foreign Office numbers 2,000 Britain’s who would be eligible to leave if they were able to be processed at the airfield for final flights.  

During the Afghanistan withdrawal, John Bass, who was Management Ambassador, confirmed that the Biden administration would not evacuate the remaining 16,000 private Americans in Sudan.

While the Biden government evacuated embassy personnel, private American citizens were told to leave on their own.

While most of the 16,000 Americans are dual citizens of the US and Sudan, those who want to flee must make their way to Port Sudan and get passage by ferry to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia or find seats on air flights operated by other countries.

The British government denied reports by opposition parties that it was recreating the same mistakes made in the evacuation of Afghanistan. 

The government allowed Sudanese doctors who were working in the National Health Service to join the flights after pressure to the government. 

One of the Sudanese doctors at first refused to leave but later was given the opportunity to join a Royal Airforce flight to Cyprus, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. 

Unfortunately, his father, mother, brother, and sister are still in the war-torn country.

Evacuation is far from safe in Sudan. Last week a Turkish aircraft was fired upon.

The UK citizens are expressing their disfavor of their government’s mishandling of this evacuation with too many similarities to the Afghanistan evacuation.

President Biden also fell out of favor with Americans with both the Sudanese and Afghanistan evacuation. The US government left over 1,000 Americans at the mercy of the Taliban warlords.