Greg Gutfeld Says Biden Will Leave Office After Pardoning Hunter

( During an episode of Fox News Channel’s “The Five” last week, co-host Greg Gutfeld suggested the Justice Department was fast-tracking its investigation into Hunter Biden so Joe Biden can pardon him before Democrats push him out of office.

The panel had turned its attention to the Washington Post’s report confirming the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and its recent editorial saying the media must face a “day of reckoning.”

Co-host Dana Perino said she wouldn’t be surprised if the Justice Department indicted Hunter, but she suspected the DOJ may slow-walk it until after the next election.

Perino explained that the Justice Department knows how sensitive this investigation is. The DOJ knows, she added, that if there is “one iota” of evidence that Joe Biden was involved, the White House’s messaging over Hunter’s troubles “will all blow apart.”

But Gutfeld didn’t agree, saying he thought it was far more likely the Justice Department would “fast-walk” any indictment.

Gutfeld explained that Democrats will want to force Joe Biden out of office before 2024. And as a trade-off, he will be allowed to pardon Hunter on his way out the door.

So to expedite Joe’s departure, the DOJ will “fast-walk” an indictment so Joe can pardon him, “and then Joe will leave.”

Gutfeld also floated the possibility that Attorney General Merrick Garland would indict Hunter if it comes to it, but only for some “minor tax issue” that wouldn’t require prison time. Or, Gutfeld, added, Hunter could get indicted for money laundering or something else that would require jail time, then the President will pardon Hunter and announce he isn’t running for re-election.

But for the time being, Gutfeld added, “it is a containment operation” to make sure nothing about the Hunter investigation touches Biden.

Watch the full segment HERE.