Greg Gutfeld Says He Can Get Drugs Easily On National TV

( During a lighthearted segment of the Fox News Channel’s top-rated show “The Five” last week, co-host Greg Gutfeld joked that drugs are so easy to get despite being illegal, that he could go out and get whatever he wanted.

The panel was discussing high crime in the country and how the media refuses to address the likely root causes of it.

Gutfeld noted that the media refuses to discuss the collapse of the family or “the abysmal state of our schools,” despite the direct impact they have on the lives of young people, leaving them stuck so far down in “holes that they can’t get out.”

Co-host Jesse Watters reminded Gutfeld about drugs, prompting Gutfeld to interject that drugs may be banned, but “they’re still everywhere.” He suggested that he could go out and get whatever drug he wanted.

When co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro asked if he could, Gutfeld joked, “Yeah, what do you need?”

Watch HERE.