Group Targeting Children Paid Over $100 Million In Taxpayer Money

( The nation’s top early childhood development organization that promotes transgenderism to children as young as two received over $250 million in taxpayer funding since 2008, according to government data.

Zero to Three, an organization that has trained nearly 90,000 educators, hosted a virtual conference last month that included sessions on supporting “transgender” children.

While many organizations have been working with public and private schools to adopt left-wing curriculums on gender ideology and critical race theory, Zero to Three’s advocacy is one of the most high-profile attempts to impose these radical positions in the field of early childhood development, years before children even step foot into a classroom.

And a lot of the money Zero to Three uses to do it comes from American taxpayers.

According to data that compiles all grants and contracts doled out by the federal government, Zero to Three received over $251 million in grants and contracts from the US government, most of which came from the Department of Health and Human Services.

In total, HHS gave Zero to Three more than $248 million in grants and contracts since 2008, while in 2010 and 2011, an additional $3.4 million came from the Justice Department, and another $10,966 came from the Department of Defense.

In 2019 alone, the group took in $38 million, $21 million of which came from the federal government.

According to a recent report in the Washington Free Beacon, while Zero to Three bills itself as a “nonpartisan” organization, the group has deep ties to the Democrat Party.

Since 2018, the organization spent $1.92 million lobbying for Democrat-backed legislation, including the massive “Build Back Better” boondoggle that failed in Congress.