Gunman OPENS FIRE In Louisville Extreme Leftist Protest

Multiple People Dead in German Shooting

( President Donald Trump tweeted last week that since signing an executive order that consolidated existing laws to ensure people who topple statues receive prison sentences of up to 10 years, people have stopped rioting. But they haven’t. In Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday night, protesters were interrupted by the sound of gunfire coming from Jefferson Square Park.

Disturbing video footage shows people running as shots can be heard firing in the distance. According to the New York Post, one person was killed in the shooting, and another person was wounded. You can see a clip below detailing the violence – but be warned, it displays disturbing violence. The same kind of violence we’ve come to expect from far-left Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests.

The New York Post explained that police still don’t have any information about what kind of gun was used, or whether all the shots even came from the same person. Some of the gunshots in the video are understood to be return shots from police officers.

It indicates a wider problem with these ongoing riots and protests – the fact that the police are struggling to keep up with the violence. As more people take to the streets to topple statues and commit violent acts in the street, police departments are becoming increasingly stretched.

People started congregating in Jefferson Square Park as part of a Black Lives Matter protest. The LMPD explained on Twitter that peaceful gatherings were allowed to stay all day, but they wouldn’t allow people to camp out overnight…presumably to try and avoid a CHAZ-like situation.

The LMPD also said that while the protests were “largely peaceful,” things quickly changed when “shots rang out in the park, leaving one dead and one other shot.” They then said that they are “clearing the park and it will stay cleared.”