Hackers Steal Naked Photos Sell for Bitcoin

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- On Monday, South Korea’s National Police confirmed earlier reports that unknown hackers penetrated at least 700 smart home devices throughout South Korea and are selling on the dark web the explicit images and videos stolen from them.

Nam Gu-Jun, the chief of South Korea’s National Investigation Headquarters, told reporters that an investigation was underway and police had requested the removal of the images from the website where they were posted. That request may be in vain, however, as the website is from a server in another country.

The story was first reported on November 15 after hundreds of smart home devices in apartments throughout Seoul and the southern Korean island of Jeju were hacked. Video footage filmed during the hacking later turned up for sale on the dark web, with hackers asking for 0.1 BTC. “BTC” is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and a sum of 0.1 BTC is about $6,700 US or 8 million won (South Korean currency).

In its exclusive report, the South Korean tech news website IT Chosun said it discovered the naked photos through an “overseas hacking forum.” It reached out to a hacker who claimed responsibility for the cybercrime.

To confirm the claim, IT Chosun asked the hacker to provide evidence. The evidence the hacker supplied showed thumbnail images of both naked men and women, as well as images of people engaging in sex acts.

The hacker allegedly obtained the images from video accessed by hacking software used to operate smart home devices, like video intercoms. Video intercom technology, commonly used in South Korea where the vast majority of the population lives in apartment buildings, uses a two-way camera that can access both inside and outside of an apartment.

IT Chosun was not convinced that the hacker could, as he claimed, access all apartment complexes in South Korea. So the hacker responded by sending “a list of secured videos” and telling IT Chosun “Choose the apartment complex you want.” From the information sent, IT Chosun reported that the hacker’s list was so extensive, there could potentially be secretly recorded videos of tens of thousands of people.