Hershel Walker Takes Lead In GOP Primaries

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Hershel Walker, the former professional football player and the Republican candidate for Georgia governor backed by former President Donald Trump, has taken the lead in the polls.

According to a new survey from On Message Inc., the sports legend took 74$ of support in a poll of the upcoming Republican primary. Among those who identified as “conservatives,” Walker took 81% of the vote. Voters who identified as “moderate” Republicans were slightly less supportive, giving him 61% of the vote – but it’s still extremely significant.

Walker is well ahead of other Republican candidates vying for the primary nomination ahead of the 2022 gubernatorial race in Georgia.

Gary Black is the closest competitor to Trump-endorsed Herschel Walker, but he still only has 6% support in the poll. That means Walker is 68% ahead of his closest contester. Other candidates vying for the nomination include Kelvin King, James Nester, Latham Saddier, and Jared Craig.

Not only is Walker doing well in the polls among Republicans in terms of policy, but the survey also showed that Walker has a “near-universal” name identification among Republican primary voters, which will help him when it comes to the actual vote. 74% of Republicans responded favorably to him, and only 6% responded unfavorably. Just 15% said that they have “no opinion” and only 6% said that they have never heard of him.

The poll was conducted between October 11 and 14 and questioned 400 likely Republican primary voters. With a margin of error of +/- 4.9%, it looks as though we probably know the Republican nominee for the Georgia gubernatorial race…