High-Rise Stuntman Dead After Tragic Accident

According to reports from Hong Kong authorities, a French extreme sports enthusiast. 30-year-old Remi Lucidi checked into the Tregunter Tower complex at 6 p.m. and told the security officer he would meet a buddy on the 40th level.

A security guard searched for him after Lucidi’s supposed buddy said they didn’t know one another. But by then, the stuntman had entered the elevator.

Lucidi fell to his death from the 68th story of the Hong Kong apartment building.

It was ruled that Lucidi, alias Remi Enigma, died at the scene.

Lucidi was shown on surveillance tape entering the building on the 49th level and then ascending the stairs to the roof.

The people hunting down Lucidi found an open roof hatch, but he was nowhere to be seen.

The police say the last time anybody saw him alive was at 7:38 p.m. He banged on a window of one of the penthouses and asked a maid to call 911.

According to the anonymous source, the police think Lucidi was outside the penthouse and knocking on the window in search of aid just before the accident. It is unclear what the problem may have been.

A witness or participant said that Lucidi’s camera was found by police at the scene. The camera recorded him doing various acts of daring-do.

The innkeeper, Gurjit Kaur, at which Lucidi is said to have stayed, said he was a kind and modest guest.

Kaur assured the media that he was physically and mentally well. 

A hostel employee claims that he often spoke to Lucidi before Lucidi’s death. Lucidi had previously claimed that he was on holiday in Hong Kong. He told the man he was there to do a lot of hiking.

Many of Lucidi’s supporters have taken to social media to share their sadness.