Hillary Clinton Reports Will Not Be Investigated By FEC, They Say

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- The Federal Election Commission will not investigate failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Recently, the commission of the FEC voted unanimously, 6-0, to dismiss a complaint that alleged Clinton’s campaign for president in 2016 violated law by trying to solicit favorable coverage from the media.

The complaint relied first and foremost on emails released by WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2.0.

The complaint mentioned several prominent media personalities and reporters. Included among them were media outlets Politico, NBC, The Boston Globe and Univision. Reporters and personalities mentioned were CNN’s John Harwood and The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman.

An October 2016 email that was obtained by The Intercept — and was part of a huge WikiLeaks saga — sent by Clinton’s presidential campaign had mentioned Haberman. Glenn Greenwald, the former editor of The Intercept, wrote “Haberman’s stories were more sophisticated, nuanced and even somewhat more critical than what the Clinton memo envisioned.”

Still, the complaint, filed by Tony Dane from Virginia, used that article to support their broad accusations of political campaign donations they alleged were illegal. The complaint was filed before the 2016 presidential election ever happened.

Dane filed the complaint on his own. It wasn’t on behalf of the presidential campaign for former President Donald Trump.

Back in 2018, a legal consultant for the Times, Dana Green, wrote in response to the complaint:

“We believe it is apparent on the face of the Complaint that it is without merit. The exhibits attached to the Complaint do not support Mr. Dane’s assertions and the two articles Ms. Haberman identified in Mr. Dane’s complain plainly are not coordinated communications or contributions to the Clinton campaign subject to the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended.”

Some of the evidence that Dane presented in his complaint revolved around various emails that were leaked from Clinton’s campaign around staff planning for parties that were “off the record” for various prominent media personalities. The allegation was that the Clinton campaign was seeking favor from these media personalities so they could secure good coverage for her.

In the last few years, Clinton has stayed primarily out of the political spotlight. Recently, though, she has popped up again, specifically commenting on the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. She spoke with Fareed Zakaria of CNN recently, giving her thoughts about the Biden administration’s decisions regarding Afghanistan.

She said:

“This is what we call a wicked problem. You know there are consequences both foreseen and unintended of staying and of leaving. The president has made the decision to leave.”

“I hope that the administration in concert with the Congress will have a very large visa program and will begin immediately to try to provide that channel for so many Afghans to utilize so that they are not left in danger. There will also be, I fear, a huge refugee outflow. And of course, the second big set of problems revolves around a resumption of activities by global terrorist groups, most particularly Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.”