Hillary Clinton To Launch Howard Stern-Style Podcast

(TheLibertyRevolution.com) – Former First Lady and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton might not be launching a last-minute bid to take the Democratic presidential nomination after all. It turns out she’s joining the alternative media crowd and launching her own podcast, just as 2020 mania takes off.

I bet you just can’t wait for the Hillary Clinton Show!

The new audio podcast is expected to be launched in late spring, according to Politico, just in time for her to play a part in the nominations…at least, in some small way. It will serve as a platform for Clinton’s policy pledges and opinions and could, she likely hopes, help influence the voting decision of her old supporters.

The show will be produced by iHeartMedia, a giant in the audio podcast space. The platform is heavily connected to the conservative online talk show world, with its iHeartRadio division distributing some of the largest conservative podcasts in the world. Everyone from Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh to Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Ben Shapiro share the platform.

However, the platform is not explicitly political or one-sided. One of iHeartRadio’s biggest contributors is Joe Rogan, the left-leaning comic who interviews interesting people from all over the world, and who recently endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

Clinton will be surrounded by people who hate her!

The former First Lady made her first foray into the podcast space last year when she appeared alongside her daughter Chelsea Clinton on an episode of the Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend show. The pair weren’t just testing out their podcasting abilities, but also promoting a book they’ve written called, “The Book of Gutsy Women.”

Amazingly, the show might also be based on the format of the famous talk show host, Howard Stern. Despite avoiding appearing on Stern’s show throughout her time in the White House, the Senate, and later in the Obama administration, Clinton eventually gave in and appeared on the show to promote her new book. She recorded with Stern for 2.5 hours, and a source close to Clinton said that she saw it as an “incredible experience.”

“We’ve been thinking through based on that experience how to create a similar format,” they said.

The Hillary Clinton Show in the style of Howard Stern…now that’s going to be interesting.