Hollywood Parties Are Dull Now Because People Are Scared of Cancellation

Hollywood parties are the stuff of legend. During the early days of Hollywood, when the press protected the reputations of the rich and famous, motion picture stars were not as innocent and naïve as they appeared on the big screen. 

During Hollywood’s “Golden Years,” every possible debauchery took place behind the mansion doors of Hollywood’s “A” list.

Everyone with a speaking part wanted to be on that exclusive list. 

Torrid affairs, illegal abortions, and movie stars’ sexual preferences were all swept under the rug when drugs and booze emerged. 

All the protections once afforded to our heroes and heroines on the big screen are gone in 2023. The paparazzi make big bucks by pulling back the curtain and exposing the illicit activities of today’s Hollywood elite.

Today’s Hollywood parties resemble a bible study group more closely than “anything goes” as it did in the past. 

A party is no longer the verb it once was. In today’s Hollywood community, it’s a warning. 

Do the wrong thing, show up at the wrong place, and your career could end. 

Iconic actress Joan Collins has expressed dissatisfaction with Hollywood parties’ current conduct. She maintains that according to her, only four genuine stars exist in the industry today.

As reported by The Mirror UK, Collins commented, “The social gatherings I attend now are somewhat — uninspiring. 

They consist primarily of red-carpet events where good behavior is expected. If you step out of line today, cancellation is imminent.”

In an interview with Best Magazine, Collins affirmed that she believes only four authentic stars are left in Hollywood. “Nicole Kidman is absolutely wonderful, and Margot Robbie is an extraordinary beauty,” she said.

She also pointed out that Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves were exceptional actors.

“Especially Brad; he’s akin to the film stars from the Golden Age,” she remarked.

With a remarkable career spanning 70 years in the industry, Collins first rose to prominence with her breakthrough role in Dynasty in 1981. 

She has also made notable guest appearances on beloved shows such as The Nanny American Horror Story and Will & Grace.