Host Claims 2nd Amendment Was Designed To Protect Slavery

( Meghan McCain, the pseudo-Republican host of The View, clashed with fellow co-host Sunny Hostin on Friday over the Second Amendment and the issue of gun violence in the United States.

In the segment, Hostin attempted to claim that the Second Amendment had “racist” foundations in a shameless attempt to undermine the importance of the United States Constitution.

Don’t these people realize just how dangerous it is to find ways to delegitimize the rights granted to U.S. citizens? Whether it’s gun rights or First Amendment free speech rights, these people don’t seem to want anybody to have any personal freedom at all.

McCain hit back and told Hostin that the Second Amendment was actually a “cornerstone” of what makes America the nation it is.

Hostin tried to claim that the issue of gun violence is caused by the National Rifle Association, a pro-Second Amendment organization that promotes the legal and safe use of firearms. She said that because the NRA has pushed legislation that promotes gun ownership, and because the NRA has – she claims – stifled any study into what causes gun violence.

She made the bizarre and inaccurate claims after Joy Behar, who is notoriously anti-Trump and anti-Republican, asked her what she thought was at the heart of the “gun problem” in America.

And if you’re wondering where Hostin got this weird idea, it’s from a book.

They read one book and they think they know everything…

She described how she is reading a book by Carol Anderson titled “The Second,” in which she tries to paint the Second Amendment as racist because it was designed to “protect slavery” because America’s founding fathers wanted to be able to empower a militia group to stop a slave revolt.

Maybe someone should tell Sunny Hostin that slavery was abolished hundreds of years ago…