House Passes Massive $715 Billion Socialist Plan

( Last week in a 221 to 201 vote, the House of Representatives passed the “Invest in America Act” which is, in effect parts of the Green New Deal by another name.

The $715 Billion monster spending bill requires that the federal government take into account current and future climate conditions when “planning, designing, building, operating, maintaining, investing in, and upgrading any federally-funded transportation infrastructure investments.”

In other words, the Federal Government will determine infrastructure spending by putting its finger in the air to see which way the weather blows.

Watch One America News’ report on this shadow Green New Deal bill HERE.

Democrats are celebrating because they can go back to their districts and brag about the millions of taxpayer dollars they secured for their districts.

Meanwhile, the Federal debt just keeps climbing.

According to a Congressional Budget Office report released before the holiday, the CBO predicts that the federal deficit for the current fiscal year alone will be over three trillion dollars. In the next decade, annual deficits would amass to a staggering $12.1 Trillion.

Worse still, the CBO projects that by the end of this fiscal year, the national debt will exceed the entire size of the US economy. Not five years from now. Not a decade from now. But by the end of this fiscal year.

By 2031, the CBO projects that the Federal Government will be paying nearly a trillion dollars a year paying the interest on what it owes from previous years. If the Federal Reserve does what it always does – keep interest rates low by monetizing the debt so the government can pay its bills — inflation will in turn skyrocket.

So the House just passed another $715 Billion spending bill to make America’s transportation infrastructure “sustainable” while adding to a debt that is unsustainable.

Now, the CBO report doesn’t even take into account the yet-passed “infrastructure” bill Biden is working so hard to get through Congress.

If Biden gets his wish and both the negotiated bill and the Democrat wish-list bill land on his desk, that would add at least another four trillion dollars in spending.

Unfortunately, no infrastructure bill can stop the runaway train that is about to slam into this country. And that train is coming at breakneck speed.