Howard Dean Calls Ron DeSantis A “Fascist” That Is “Much Scarier” Than Trump

( On Tuesday’s episode of “The Beat” on MSNBC, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean, called Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis, a “fascist.”

Dean said that this made him a “far scarier” possible candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in the year 2024 than the previous president, Donald Trump.

Guest host Jason Johnson said that It’s possible that Donald Trump wouldn’t run for office again. He may be running for office while all these charges against him and all this violence linked with him would end up detrimental to the party.

He asked Dean if he believed any of these possible claims might affect when he would make an announcement? Or does he think it is already a foregone conclusion that the former president will run for office again in 2024?

Dean said he didn’t believe it to be a done deal at all. He said people should realize that Donald Trump was a major reason for the Dem’s victories in Georgia, particularly in the Senate race.

He said it was because many Republican women, particularly moderate Republican women in the suburbs, couldn’t vote for such a dishonest and repulsive individual. They were just unable to. This is occurring all around the country on a daily basis, and it will continue to do so even as more information becomes available. He said that he really, really, really hopes that Trump will run for president.

Dean continued by saying that a lot of younger folks there are considerably more terrifying than Trump, namely Ron DeSantis.

Dean then went on to show why he was one of the more intellectually challenged politicians in the country when he mouthed a meme debunked years ago.

The idiot Dean claimed that DeSantis “just today declared that he will want all students in Florida’s institutions to reveal their political opinions.”

While the pompous-for-no-evident-reason Dean pontificates about “dangerous politicians,” he sees no problem with being a misinformed dope.

Dean went on to call DeSantis a fascist.

He said despite having all the instincts of a successful fascist, Trump is too selfish and mentally sick to be a successful fascist.

In comparison to the other possible candidates, “I believe he will be the most challenging to defeat,” the failed-politician Dean lectured.