Howard Stern Says He Is A “Normal Conservative”

( After a summer break, Howard Stern is back and eager to discuss all things political, including Donald Trump.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM, he discussed his emotions toward those still supporting the 45th president.

“The folks that support him and believe his garbage are the ones who irritate me the most. My God in heaven, I truly believe I live in a nation of slackers. I’m hopeful that this nation still has a few more clever, bright, and lively citizens.”

Tuesday’s outburst was triggered by Stern’s conversation about interviewing his late father, who passed away over the summer, on the concept of freedom.

He said he was referring to the question of why your ancestors came to our nation. He discussed how the answer was freedom. He said he feels terrible for the citizens of this nation who adhere to all the conspiracy theories, foolishness, and outright lies about the election. They haven’t, in his opinion, ever experienced living under a dictator. They have never felt their liberties were in danger, and they have no idea what it would be like to live under a system other than democracy.

Stern said they don’t comprehend it. They’re idiots. People somehow believe that someone like Trump will make the world a better place as he would look after them.

He said that he wished, for a year, that they would relocate to Russia to live under the rule of that f*cking idiot Putin, who is such a monster that he invaded Ukraine and caused suffering.

“You should go live in Russia, all you f*ckers out there,” he encouraged those who backed Trump, “to try living under a true dictatorship like Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

Stern remained steadfast in his belief that “people are simply dumb” and, for the remainder of the talk, described himself as “somewhat of a conservative, but like a normal conservative.”
Stern says even though we have schools and teachers, the general people are illiterate. People are simply stupid.

“People are just dumb. They, a lot of people, are like Cro-Magnon man. They’ve crawled. You saw that chart where man is crawling out of the sea. There are a lot of people still in the sea. They’re just dumb motherfuckers.”

He said he’s not talking about liberals against conservatives; he’s talking about people with half a brain.

“I’m not like a f*cking guy who follows the f*cking a fearless leader blindly,” Stern harumphed.

Stern seems to be blaming Trump for the rise of Putin.

Talking down toward people while getting so much wrong is probably the funniest thing Stern has said in years.