Hunter Biden Movie Website Goes Down Due To Surge Of Traffic

( This morning, as thousands of people simultaneously attempted to see the movie on, the sudden rise in user activity temporarily blocked access to the website.

Elizabeth Moore, vice president of communications at Breitbart, said they’ve never seen anything like that. She said thank goodness their customer support staff was able to quickly restore service so that they could keep up with the deluge of movie rentals and purchases. is currently offering “My Son Hunter” as streaming and downloadable options for users.

This is the explosive story about Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” that the establishment media and its Big Tech censors did not want the American public to see during the 2020 election – and the reception that My Son Hunter received from the left demonstrates that they still wish to this story buried. It is not difficult to understand why.

The documentary My Son Hunter focuses entirely on Hunter Biden, his shady business transactions, his complicated relationship with his father, and his lavish lifestyle, which would make rock musicians green with envy. However, the truth can be found somewhere in the haze of a crack pipe and above the clamor of the parties and the outbursts.

According to a survey carried out after the election, seventeen percent of people who voted for Joe Biden would not have voted for him if they had been aware of the “Laptop from Hell.”

The results of a more recent survey show that, even now, after two years, 63 percent of people inclined to vote believe that the laptop story is still noteworthy.

When Laurence Fox, the actor playing Hunter Biden, was asked if there would be a sequel to My Son Hunter, he responded that he was unaware of any plans for such a film but went on to say that he believed there should be many of them.” Perhaps a series of films about Hunter. He said there is an adequate amount of stuff in it. It ought to be a series on Netflix consisting of eight parts.

Before becoming politically active, Fox was a well-known actor in the United Kingdom, gaining his most significant notoriety for his part in the Oxford-based crime drama Lewis. In 2020, he established the Reclaim Party intending to oppose coronavirus lockdowns and contest “the woke orthodoxy.”

When asked how he became involved with the project, Fox said someone “handed him the script.” He said it should be no surprise that he’d be interested in the part.

He said he was astounded that a movie hadn’t been done about this topic by this point. All this information was coming out about this fascinating individual, but Hollywood wasn’t going anywhere near it.

Fox listened to the audio edition of Hunter Biden’s memoir Beautiful Things, published in 2021, to gain insight into Hunter Biden.