Hunter Biden Now Working With Father Amid Devastating Claims, Photos Show

( President Joe Biden still refuses to apologize for the shocking actions of his son, Hunter Biden, during his time as vice president, through the 2020 presidential campaign, and into his presidency.

On Friday, President Biden was seen boarding Air Force One with his son, Hunter, and his grandson, Beau Biden Jr. It comes after a series of scandals involving his formerly drug-addicted son who still has substantial financial and business ties in China, with the most recent scandal also involving a gun and a Secret Service investigation.

Do the Bidens have no shame?

The Bidens were traveling together to Wilmington, Delaware, where the president has a luxurious home that he likes to spend the weekends at.

Everybody remembers the days when President Donald Trump stayed at the White House all week and worked, right?

The most recent Hunter Biden scandal involves his ex-girlfriend Hallie Biden, who was also his dead brother’s widow, who he said stole his gun and left it in a trashcan. Text messages discovered from a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden in a Delaware computer store reveal that Hallie Biden found a .38 revolver in his car and threw it into a trash can near a high school.

Hunter then reportedly messaged his therapist to describe what happened and even claimed that the Secret Service got involved with the investigation.

“She stole the gun out of my truck lockbox and threw in a garbage can full to the top at Jansens,” he wrote to his therapist. “Then told me it was my problem to deal with.”

When the news broke, media outlets also learned that Hunter Biden lied on a form when purchasing the gun, claiming that he did not use and was not addicted to illegal drugs, narcotics, and alcohol.

The shocking photos of President Biden traveling on government aircraft with his son must be devastating to Americans who believed that the president would have the good sense to distance himself and get to work in the interests of the American people.