Hunter Biden Taking Another Crack At Failed Book

( Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden who was embarrassed after the contents of a laptop he abandoned at a computer store were published and revealed videos and photographs of himself smoking drugs and having sex with very young-looking girls is reportedly taking another stab at “writing” and publishing a book.

After the first one completely failed.

Speaking to the Mad World podcast, the disgraced son of the president – who maintains his lucrative investments in Chinese investment firms and other foreign businesses despite promising to divest from them – said that his new book will be focusing on his relationship with his wife Melissa Cohen.

Cohen is a filmmaker he met in 2019. She reportedly helped him recover from his addiction to crack.

“That’s where the book ends, but the one thing I really do feel almost an obligation to speak about or write about in the future is where the real hard work begins. I got particularly lucky,” Hunter told the podcast.

“You had to have someone there who was willing to make sure 24/7 you would not give in to those urges. That was a full-time job, and I’m forever grateful that she was willing to do that hard work,” he continued.

That’s all very well and good, but what about those lucrative business deals he landed in China and Ukraine while his father was vice president?

The young Biden attempted to cash in on his latest book, “Beautiful Things” – no, he wasn’t referring to the girls in his seedy laptop videos – went on sale on April 6. It hit No. 12 on the Publisher’s Weekly hardcover list and failed to hit number one of the New York Times rankings.

It only sold 10,600 copies in the first week – which for someone as famous as him is a major flop.

What makes him think the new one will sell any better?