Hunter Biden Was Hired By Tycoon To Overturn Conviction

( An exclusive report from the Daily Mail just revealed how Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, was hired by a real estate tycoon from Romania to get a bribery conviction overturned through a pressure campaign…with the assistance of then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The report claims that Gabriel Popoviciu, who was convicted of bribery in Romania in 2016, hired Hunter Biden that same year to assist with a propaganda campaign that encouraged anti-corruption prosecutors to drop the case with a deal. He was accused of bribing a university official to purchase 550 acres of government land for a significantly lower price than it was worth.

While the story has been around since 2019, the Mail just revealed how extensive the propaganda campaign planned by Hunter Biden was, and how he leveraged his connections in the government to make the propaganda campaign as effective as possible.

Newly-discovered emails taken from Hunter Biden’s old laptop data – which was recovered after he abandoned a broken Macbook at a computer repair store in Delaware – show how the young Biden’s colleagues in a law firm discussed meetings with the United States Ambassador to Romania after considering whether he would be willing to intervene in Popviciu’s case. Hunter then got Louis Freeh, a family friend and political heavy hitter, involved in the case.

The former FBI director, Freeh was offered a fee to assist in the campaign.

Hunter Biden and his business associates then hit up the Wall Street Journal to support their campaign, and all the time, Biden and his associates were not required to register as foreign agents under the Foreign Agents Registration Act because of a loophole that allows attorneys representing a foreign client in a foreign court case to avoid it entirely.

The shocking report from the Mail referenced a legal source who said that Hunter Biden and his team never actually went through with a plan to seek the help of the U.S.-Romania ambassador and initiate the media campaign, but that it was discussed and Hunter Biden was initially hired.

You can read the full report and see the emails for yourself here.