Hunter Biden’s Disgraced Business Partner Given New Leading Role In The DOJ

( A longtime business associate of Hunter Biden’s attorney was selected to lead the Criminal Division of the Justice Department under the administration of President Joe Biden. At this point, he is preventing any authentic inquiry of Hunter Biden.

More than a year ago, The Gateway Pundit published an article discussing Nicholas McQuaid, a nominee for a position in the Justice Department who has an extensive history and connection to Hunter Biden.

According to a claim by Tucker Carlson, a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s criminal defense counsel has been selected to be a prominent official in the Justice Department in the Biden administration.

Nicholas McQuaid, a person who once worked as a federal prosecutor, was selected by Biden to serve as the interim chief of the Justice Department’s criminal division.

After his father won the presidential election in 2020, Hunter Biden announced in early December that he was the subject of an inquiry by the federal government.

Carlson mentioned on his show that aired on Friday night that McQuaid and Christopher Clark worked together as partners at Latham & Watkins and collaborated on cases until McQuaid accepted a position with the Justice Department.

It would appear at this point that McQuaid is carrying out the duties for which he was employed, namely preventing and terminating any investigations of Hunter Biden.
On January 21, 2021, a day after Biden’s inauguration as president, the Department of Justice under Biden’s administration stated that McQuaid had been hired. The fact that McQuaid’s partner, Hunter Biden’s criminal counsel, was not included in the news release is surprising. The criminal section is now under McQuaid’s supervision.

McQuaid was a partner of Christopher Clark, who served as Hunter’s personal criminal counsel. Clark was a member of the American Bar Association. They collaborated on the project.

Despite many actual and possible offenses, nothing is being done with Hunter Biden’s laptop. As far as we know, no investigations are being conducted against Hunter.

How is that even possible?

A: McQuaid.