Ilham Omar Lies, Claims Hundreds of Thousands Could Die Because of Trump

(TheLibertyRevolution.Com)- Democratic Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar made the outrageous claim on Thursday that hundreds of thousands of American people may die because of President Donald Trump.

The far-left Democratic congresswoman made the insane claim during an episode of The Dean Obeidallah Show on SiriusXM. Omar claimed the president and his administration’s response to the Chinese virus has been insufficient and will kill Americans.

“I think with each day that goes by, it becomes clearer and clearer how badly this administration has completely failed the American people. We have the richest country in the world, and we have all kinds of advantages. Yet, thousands, hundreds of thousands of people could die because of his mismanagement, and his inability to be quite upfront with people is quite devastating,” she claimed.

“As you just pointed for weeks, the president downplayed this crisis and failed to ensure that there was proper testing. He still hasn’t fully utilized the Defense Production Act to get critical medical equipment in the field. We still don’t have enough tests,” she continued.

Newsflash, Ilhan – nowhere has enough tests! The entire world is scrambling to test as many people as possible, paying manufacturers millions to make them as quickly as possible. But it will never be good enough as long as Donald Trump is president, and the likes of Omar can sit back and complain while they’re not on the frontlines trying to make people better.

Omar’s accusation that the president has not utilized the Defense Production Act makes little sense, too, as companies across America started changing gears and manufacturing important medical equipment without any prompting from the government.

MyPillow, one of the most famous pillow companies in America, is now producing tens of thousands of masks every week and all the Democrats do is criticize its CEO for telling people to read the Bible!

The Guardian skipped over the fact that Lindell’s company is producing important medical equipment, claiming his speech during a White House press briefing was just an example of the president helping his “corporate allies.”

If Omar really cares about helping America, she’ll stop calling on the president to remove the sanctions on Iran and will focus on helping the people at home instead!