Ilhan Omar Says Michael Flynn Was Exonerated Because He Is WHITE

(TheLibertyRevolution.Com)- Is there a politician any more out of touch with reality than Minnesota’s Representative Ilhan Omar? On Thursday, Omar responded to the news that the Department of Justice was dropping the charges against former National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn after new evidence revealed how the FBI purposely set him up.

Omar, ignoring the evidence and clinging to the conspiracy theories that have kept Flynn in and out of court for years, retweeted the news from the Associated Press and commented, “White privilege at work.”

If spending years in and out of court, being threatened by the FBI and set up by biased prosecutors in a meritless case is white privilege, then I’d hate to know what life without white privilege would look like!

Omar is one of the most far-left congresswomen in American politics and a member of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “squad. She has consistently sided with America’s enemies and far-left actors over the American people ever since her election, and her most recent outburst shows her unwillingness to change her mind based on new information.

In a follow-up tweet, quoting her first tweet, Omar explained how millions of people of color spend years in jail trying to prove their innocence, and that many die in jail. She claims that, because Flynn was exonerated for crimes that “he admitted to,” it is a sign he benefits from white privilege.

While admitting that mostly black and Latino men dominate the prisons, Omar inadvertently admitted that white men are less likely to break the law. That makes her racist, doesn’t it?

She also completely ignored the fact that Flynn was only exonerated because new evidence came to light that shows he was forced to admit to a crime he never committed by corrupt prosecutors and the FBI.

If a person fights to prove their innocence, they will be released from prison is new evidence comes to light that proves they are telling the truth.

When Flynn requested to withdraw his admission of guilt in 2017, Attorney General William Barr appointed Jeffrey Jensen, an attorney, to review the investigation. The review found evidence of FBI agents communicating with one another in a way that suggested they were purposely trying to set him up, and which shows there was never any evidence that President Trump colluded with Russians during his presidential election campaign.