Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Distributing CHILD PORNOGRAPHY

(TheLibertyRevolution.Com)- Last week, an illegal immigrant living in the United States was arrested for the possession and distribution of child pornography. The arrest took place in Georgia, and while most local news outlets refer to him as a “Roswell man,” the man was, in fact, an illegal immigrant.

Juan Dedios Martinez-Camacho is a 46-year-old illegal Roswell resident who was arrested last Wednesday on counts of distribution and possession of child porn, according to a press release from the Roswell Police Department. It followed tips to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation last month, specifically to their Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Following the tips, investigators from the FBI found that Martinez-Camacho was sourcing child pornography on the internet, downloading it, and distributing it.

“On 05/06/2020, Special agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Roswell Criminal Investigations Division Detectives executed a search warrant at the Roswell address. Detectives located several devices which were determined to contain sexually explicit images of children,” the press release reads.

The Roswell Police Department also announced that “several highly trained detectives” worked on the case, and that they remain “committed to protecting children and holding criminals accountable for their actions, even during a pandemic.”

“Good job to the Roswell Criminal Investigations Division and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation,” it ended.

Several devices were seized from Martinez-Camacho by the police, and the suspect is now being held without bail at Fulton County Jail. The response from concerned citizens was a positive one on Facebook, where the release was published, with many shocked that somebody who would do this lived in their neighborhood.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has also put a detained on the illegal immigration, meaning that if he is released from jail, he won’t be allowed to go back out into the public but will instead be arrested and deported.

That is, assuming that the authorities are willing to work with ICE. In less Republican states than Georgia, authorities regularly stand in the way of ICE when it comes to deporting criminals. Under sanctuary state rules, illegal aliens have regularly been set free from prison and allowed to go on and commit crimes again without risk of being deported.