“Indiana Jones” Adventurer Finds Hitler’s Horses

(TheLibertyRevolution)- Every now and again we like to bring you a story that isn’t necessarily political, but something that might surprise you. And we thought this would.

A story from the Daily Mail reveals how author Arthur Brand managed to track down the location of two bronze horses owned by German dictator Adolf Hitler, and in his adventure also discovered a picture of a Russian soldier that would have been one of the last things Hitler saw before he died.

Writing for the Mail, Brand explained how his latest project started with a call in 2014 from Michel van Rijn, who was once a big player in the criminal art world. He was told that he was onto something amazing but wanted to pass it on for him to find himself.

“Was he trying to get me to do the dirty work in some dodgy deal? Billions change hands every year in the art world, so it attracts its fair share of villains. Indeed, the criminal art circuit has a turnover of around £6.2 billion a year,” Brand said.

During the meeting, Brand was told that two gigantic sculptures of horses made out of bronze, which were once on proud display outside of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi headquarters, were found to still be in existence.

“I knew what Michel wanted. He was hoping I would take on the case, luring Steven and the horses’ owner into a trap. But why should I investigate what had to be forgeries?” Brand asked.

The wild story of his hunt for the horses is a long read, but worth it! Brand details how he drove for hours to a small town north of Berlin only to find that the horses had been hidden away for around fifty years at a Communist barracks.

“And people had just assumed the statues were commissioned by Stalin,” he said.

The story went big in 2015, when Brand’s work finding the horses led to a police bust that recovered the horses.

But in his latest writing, Brand reveals some interesting parts of the story that haven’t been released until now…including a meeting with the daughter of the evil Heinrich Himmler.

Check the amazing full story out here.