Iran Claims To Have Busted A “Spy Ring”

( Iran claimed to have disrupted an Israeli spy network and detained alleged spies who had infiltrated the Islamic Republic to carry out strikes against “critical” targets.

According to the Islamic Republic’s official IRNA news agency, the spies were in communication with Israel’s Mossad espionage agency. They allegedly infiltrated the nation through the Kurdistan area of northern Iraq with the intention of carrying out sabotage and “terrorist activities” with the use of cutting-edge equipment.

According to the statement, all of them were apprehended, and their weapons, explosives, and communications equipment were discovered and seized.
The announcement did not specify the number of people detained, their nationalities, or the alleged objectives of the schemes.
Iran periodically announces the imprisonment of individuals it believes are spies for other nations, notably the United States and Israel, although it never provides any supporting proof.
According to reports, a top commander in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was surreptitiously detained last month for allegedly spying for Israel.

Media reports cite officials with close ties to the IRGC speaking on the condition of anonymity that the arrest of Brig. Gen. Ali Nasiri marked a growing distrust among the country’s senior leadership. His arrest comes about two months after a few dozen security officials involved in Iran’s missile program were arrested for allegedly leaking classified information to Israel.
The IRGC’s intelligence head Hossein Taeb was about to be replaced when Nasiri was arrested. An unnamed adviser to the Iranian government said Taeb was assigned to expose Israel’s spy network in Iran.
Iran and Israel have been at odds for years, but after a series of high-profile events Tehran has blamed on Jerusalem, tensions have risen. Iran blamed Israel for the deaths of many IRGC personnel and scientists in recent months.
Iran believes that Israel poisoned the meals of two Iranian scientists to murder them. There is still no information about the men’s jobs, deaths, or affiliations with the government.
It’s not like a terrorist government would tell lies, right?