Israel Will Loan $228 MILLION to Palestinian Over Coronavirus Economic Disaster

( Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, will loan $228 million to the Palestinian Authority in a move that may surprise the world. It’ll surprise those who think that Israel is an oppressive apartheid regime, and it may surprise those who see just how much pain and suffering the Palestinian Authority and Hamas cause to Israeli citizens every day.

According to the Times of Israel, the loan will be offered to help with the projected losses that come as a result of the lockdown measures put in place to protect people from the coronavirus.

Shukri Bishari, the Finance Minister of the Palestinian Authority, claimed that the economy would collapse if the monthly tax revenues that are collected by Israel on exports and imports dropped below $142 million. The monthly tax revenue for the Palestinian Authority typically amounts to around $213 million, which Israel then takes around one-third of that to cover the cost of healthcare bills, water, and electricity.

Bishari announced that April’s imports to the Palestinian Authority have been impacted as a result of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, but purchased related to the Muslim holiday of Ramadan helped cover some of the economy’s losses.

On Monday, the Finance Ministry came to an agreement with Israel. The $228 million loan will take place for the next five months, helping the Palestinians stay afloat during this time. The agreement has been hashed out by Finance Ministry officials over the last month, and the agreement was finally made on Monday.

The transfer has already been made to the Palestinian Authority in full.

Does that sound like something an evil, apartheid country would do to its neighbor?

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority has a “pay-for-slay” scheme that gives money to convicted terrorists and their families. For the last two years, Israel has deducted money from the taxes that are owed to the Palestinian Authority that is equivalent to the money being paid out to convicted terrorists. Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh said that $200 million was withheld from funds payable to the Palestinian Authority over the last year to cover the cost of the pay-for-slay scheme.