Ivanka Trump Buys $31 Million “Bunker” Ahead Of Election End

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Reports suggest that Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner may have given up on New York City…and are preparing to move into a “bunker.”

According to Page Six, Kushner and Trump have purchased a plot of land on the Miami “Billionaire Bunker” for $32 million. It’s an exclusive neighborhood with stunning waterfront homes and lots of opportunity for privacy, with only the rich and famous living in the area.

It comes as President Donald Trump enters the final weeks of his legal battle to ensure election integrity, which may still end in Joe Biden becoming the next president of the United States. If that occurs, it looks like Ivanka Trump and Jared are ready to give up on the city that made the Trumps famous.

In recent weeks, vicious campaigns against Ivanka Trump have taken place in New York, with posters plastered across the city saying she isn’t welcome. The posters, of course, only represent the views of far-left extremists who believe the rest of the city agrees with them.

…they don’t.

The so-called “Billionaire Bunker” is an island off the coast of Miami. It offers incredible privacy not just because it’s an island, but also because it received around-the-clock armed marine patrol supervision in the waters surrounding it, and local authorities also run regular patrols through the area.

It’s also in Florida – a state that was once a swing state, one a battleground state, but now firmly a Republican state. If the Trumps need to relocate from New York City owing to its rising crime rate and its local government’s takeover by radical Democrats, Miami, Florida sounds like the place to go.